Maarav (ambush) is an Online Israeli art and culture  magazine. Maarav is one of the leading publications on art and culture in Israel and is the leading online art & culture Magazine in Israel.
Ma’arav was established in the beginning of 2004 and provides tools to those interested in art and culture – from theoretical discussions and debates to information on artists, exhibits, events, and technology.

Ma’arav is a unique alternative platform on the Israeli media map. In each issue we tackle a specific topic from various angles, including presenting relevant art works, talks with creators, debates and educational topics, and links to historical references. The topics that we choose come from the place we live in, for example: fundamentalism, messianic movements, violence, the place of Judaism in Israeli culture, intellectual property, and East-West relationship as it impacts on the Middle East.
In addition to Maaravs’ topical issues, the website is updated daily with news, reviews, events, open calls and recommendations of what’s going in the Israeli and global art world.

Ma’arav aims at expanding the borders of the Israeli art community, while trying to bring the periphery to the center. Ma’arav is also a forum for discussing the relationship between art, media, and politics.
Finally, Ma’arav explores the relationship between the Israeli art community and other communities around the world. A special emphasis involves the link with communities which are geographically and culturally closer to us.

Ma’arav serves a fast growing community of artist, writers, intellectuals, and students. We believe that anyone concerned about art culture, education and politics will find interest in Ma’arav. We feel that the English version of Maarav would put Maarav and Israeli contemporary culture in a leading position in the global art & culture discourse.

Ma’arav is sponsored by  The Israeli Center for Digital Art in Holon.

Founding editors: Galit Eilat, Michael Kesus Gedalyovich